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Paul G Roberts

Paul G Roberts is a serial entrepreneur, internationally published author, publisher, futurist, branding expert and creative director. For more than 25 years he has worked around the world with many of the planet’s most iconic brands.
He is founder and owner of the DESIRE Groupe, which celebrated 20 years of operation in 2013.
In the 1990′s he founded and built the Ad Agency DESIRE Brand Management from scratch to rank in the Top 50 Australian Agencies by audited billings. It was only one of 5 independent Agencies in this list. The DESIRE Groupe is now a diversified Content & Communications group. The DESIRE Groupe also works with a who’s who of major global corporations & brands on 100′s of Content marketing, brand innovation, branding and advertising assignments. Paul G Roberts is also considered an authority on icons of style and also prestige fashion and brands. He is the author of the 8 edition Style Icons series and also the 11 edition Masters of Fashion book series for Fashion Industry
Broadcast. He is also a futurist and the author of the book Trilogy on Technology and the Future titled “NOW”, “NEXT” and “HOW”. His most recent global book, published in September 2014 was “CONTENT And it’s Rise in a Connected World”

All his titles are available globally on Amazon Books and better book sellers, and Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks as a eBooks.










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